What’s The Difference Between An Indoor & Outdoor Gantry Crane?

When you see the term gantry crane, do you immediately think of the ones you see indoors in warehouses? Perhaps you have a warehouse, and you use one of these smaller, portable cranes for different projects. There is outdoor gantry crane, too, and some of them can be enormous. In fact, just to give you an idea, there are some outdoor gantry cranes that can lift up to 100 tons.

There are also gantry cranes that can be taken to both indoor and outdoor workstations. You might think an outdoor gantry crane that can lift items that weigh 100 tons isn’t going to be mobile. Yet you want to remember that one of the best features of gantry cranes is that they are in fact mobile. In other words, it is a traveling crane system that you can count on to lift that load of up to 100 tons.

outdoor double girder gantry crane for sale
outdoor double girder gantry crane

Do any gantry cranes have the capacity to lift more than 100 tons. That’s a good question, but you would also think that 100 tons would be the max. Think about what might weigh 100 tons. That is a lot of weight, and there are also other cranes available. Yet a gantry crane certainly provides for better portability, whatever projects you have in mind.

The outdoor gantry cranes that have larger lifting capacities are still set up in pretty much the same way as indoor gantry cranes. They are just more heavy duty, and in that regard, they do look a little different for sure. You’re talking about some large beams, and you know that means the cranes take up a much larger space.

Those types of cranes can move around outside as long as there is room. That is something you will want to think about for sure. You won’t be able to move such a large crane indoors, however, so consider that as well. Are you going to want a cane that you can use both indoors and outdoors, or are you good with just having your crane set up outside?

semi gantry crane with double girder for sale
semi gantry crane with double girder

Have you heard the term Goliath crane? What about the portal crane? If you have ever heard of these terms, they are other names for gantry cranes. It can also be a good idea to look at the different types of gantry cranes that are available. For example, there is the A-Frame gantry crane, and then there is the semi-gantry crane as well. Then you have the standard gantry cranes.

Which of the crane styles best fits what you’re looking for? Remember, you’re in search of an outdoor gantry crane, or at least one that can be used outdoors. Capacity, portability, and column mounting types also have everything to do with what type of gantry crane you’re going to need to get.

Think about what is best for your workspace outdoors. If you need to get a heavy-duty gantry crane, you’re looking for more than just a price. You’re going to need a quote. See which manufacturers have what you need in regards to a crane. Useful reference: https://weihuagantrycranes.com/outdoor-gantry-crane/.

outdoor single girder gantry crane sales
outdoor single girder gantry crane