Features & Advantages Of A 3 Ton Overhead Crane

A 3 ton overhead crane is a common crane type. It is best used in lifting lightweight and small loads in a warehouse or plant. Its compact form gives it an edge when it comes to handling and control. The 3 ton overhead crane delivers superior performance and is highly durable with very little servicing required. It has a compact design, minimal wheel pressure, and limited dead weight.

3 ton single girder overhead crane

Features of a 3 ton overhead crane

The main girder, electric hoist, travelling system, and electric controls are the key parts of a 3 ton overhead crane. The lifting system consists of an attached electric hoist that travels in either direction along the main girder. The metal bridge comprises of an end girder and main girder that are firmly connected. Wheels placed on either side of the end girder enable bridge movement.

Generally, a 3 ton overhead crane operates in three main motion patterns. The three are; long travel, lifting and hoist cross travel motion. The choice of motion to use depends on specific requirements and circumstances. Controlling the crane is effected by either using a wireless remote control or a pendant control. The pendant control utilizes a push button that is usually strung from the overhead crane. It is risky as the operator has to be in close proximity to the load always. Remote control using a wireless controller guarantees safety as the operator can control the crane from a safe distance.

common 3 ton overhead crane

Advantages of a 3 ton overhead crane

1) A compact structure with good rigidity

A 3 Ton overhead crane is designed using a rigid and compact frame. Most use special steel material that offers great strength. The end and main beams are affixed using high-tensile bolts.

2) It provides effortless and stable operation

The traveling system in the crane is equipped with wheels at the end grinder to facilitate easy movement. It uses a motor soft starter and has the additional capability to configure speed into controlled frequency, dual-speed or any other preferred speed level.

3) Adaptable to various lifting situations

It is possible to configure and augment the crane to fit specific lifting requirements.

4) Built to guarantee the safety

The crane is designed with some outstanding safety features. For instance, wireless remote control ensures that the operator is never in harm’s way or at risk of injury.

5) Limited noise due to the special design.

The 3 ton overhead is specially designed to move seamlessly along its travel mechanism with little noise.

6) Remote monitoring technology

Advancement in technology has led to real-time data collection when a 3 ton overhead crane is in use. This data is relayed to a centralized portal. Aggregating crane usage statistics are important in helping discover abnormalities, errors or faults. This information is also helpful in enhancing operator productivity and conducting training programs.

In conclusion, a 3 ton overhead crane is best suited to meet your small to lightweight lifting needs. Its compact structure yet simple design make it easy to use and control. It is a durable and reliable solution for lifting at your warehouse or plant.

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