Concrete Mixing Plants Help to Produce Concrete of Consistent Quality in the Quantities Required

The production of concrete that is widely used in almost all building construction work requires the mixing of various ingredients like cement, water, aggregates, sand, and other additives. These ingredients need to be mixed in well-defined quantities that are decided by design engineers depending on the physical strength and other parameters of these individual ingredients. A concrete mixing plant (бетоносмесительная установка) will store each of these needed materials, weigh them individually, and then mix them to produce the needed concrete.

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Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

A concrete mixing plant will have a number of components and accessories that are needed to combine and work together to produce the concrete of the desired quality. Aggregates like the stone metal of different sizes and sand are stored in individual bins and are located side by side. Each bin will have its own feeding and weighing device that allows the needed quantity of each material to weighed and transferred to the mixing drum. These weights are determined by the designated mix design that will give concrete of the required strength. The weighed aggregates are transferred to the mixing drum through conveyors or other devices.

The plant will also have a cement silo in which the cement is stored and a weigh scale will similarly weigh the desired amount of cement form the silo and transfer it to the mixing unit by screw conveyors or other devices. A water tank is also part of the mixing plant and will have its own water weigh scale that receives water from a pump as per the design mix parameters. You may have separate scales or other devices for the addition of any additives that may be suggested in the design mix.

The mixing unit is the most critical path of a concrete mixing plant. It receives all the concrete making ingredients, mixes them thoroughly for a fixed time and then discharges it into transit mixers or concrete pumps that will then place the concrete where it is required for construction. Many operations carried out in the mixing plant require the opening and closing of feeder gates and valves and most of them are carried out by pneumatic devices. This then makes an air compressor an important part of a concrete mixing plant. Are you interested in concrete equipment? Here you can find a wide range of excellent concrete equipment on site:

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A central control panel helps to control the working of the plant and most modern plants are computer controlled and will have control panels with programmable logic controllers. They assist in the accurate and quick measurement of all the needed ingredients for making concrete.

The working principle of concrete mixing plants requires five functions to be carried out. Aggregates and sand have to be constantly fed into the bins that are individually marked out for them. Cement and additives are important components required to bind the aggregates to form the desired concrete. Water helps cement to bind with the aggregates evenly. Silos for cement and devices to transport the required quantity of cement to the mixing unit. Control systems are important for making the operation accurate and fast to prepare the concrete of the required quality. All the processes have to be carried out in a particular time frame, and the batch time and volume of the mixing unit determine the capacity of the plant per hour.